What Larry Auster Doesn’t Get About the Demand for Free Birth Control

…is that it’s not about free birth control, or any birth control, other than synecdochically.

What it’s about is two fundamental progressive principles:

First, that we have always been at war with Eastasia since the beginning of time, as of yesterday, just as tomorrow we will always have been at war with Oceania. Any shiny new tidbit of fashionable nonsense that floats out of the progressive academic rubber room instantly becomes one of the bedrock principles that all free Americans have always fought and died for. Please take a moment to imagine the martyred heroes of Omaha Beach, their brave liberal souls frozen in eternity, silently imploring you with big sad puppy dog eyes to honor their last dying wish and get your toddler a sex change.

Second, that it is a fundamental moral imperative for the Executive Branch to establish new fundamental human entitlements by arbitrary decree, targeted narrowly at specific voting blocs, when and as necessary to pay off a constituency or create desirable political theater. This habit of random, glib money-hose decrees is the very soul of freedom, democracy, and the American way, since the beginning of time, as of January 2008.

In both cases, “it’s the past that keeps changing”, like in the old Soviet joke.

So, two points: Why is nobody (but guys like Auster) asking where the hell this came from? And why is nobody asking when exactly Congress decided to spend our money on that?

Birth control is just a handy vehicle because it creates a nice cloud of smoke to obscure the real issues. It lets the media call this a “birth control controversy” instead of a “unconstitutional targeted payoff for favored interest group controversy”, and a “when the hell did it become strange that students have to budget carefully controversy”. And too many conservatives follow the cape instead of the sword and echo the media narrative. Thanks, guys. Big help there.