Trigger Warnings

This guy at Assistant Village Idiot works in a nuthatch. Sorry, a loony bin! In a post about violence and overstimulation among the inmates, he says this:

For females with a trauma history even hearing about other trauma is overstimulating.

So. About those “trigger warnings” the poor feminist dears are always putting on all their blog posts… Obviously there’s a steaming pile of performative moral vanity going on there, and there’s also the fact that people too dumb to master any useful fields of knowledge can always fall back on memorizing left wing shibboleths instead.

But here’s this guy telling us that the conventional wisdom among experienced, cynical nuthouse attendants is that crazy men who’ve been traumatized can handle hearing about trauma, while crazy women who have been traumatized can’t handle it. And it sounds like those people are too crazy for modern snowflake conditioning to be a factor.

Feminists — some large subset of the noisier sort of self-described “feminists” — believe that a significant number of basically sane women who’ve been traumatized can’t handle shit like adults and need trigger warnings on everything. Hard for a man to imagine, but maybe they’re actually right. Sucks to be them if so, because basically nobody’s going to play that retarded game for their benefit outside the Competitive Feminist Moral Vanity Team.


Hat tip: Isegoria


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