There’s a rumor going around that Dear Leader doesn’t want any senior military commanders who aren’t willing to fire on American civilians.

I don’t know whether to believe that or not. It’s not too awfully far fetched: There’s been some very public talk about secession in some quarters, and when proggies say “patriotism” they mean “loyalty to apex leftists”. When they say “treason”, they mean loyalty to some lesser entity, like for example the Constitution of the United States of America. Progs feel the same way about treason that normal people do: They feel justified in using force against it.

On the other hand, that doesn’t mean this is necessarily actually happening right now.

I doubt that more than 5% of proggies, of serious Obama cultists, would feel more than token qualms about the army shelling American civilians, as long as it’s the Wrong Kind of White People getting killed. That goes for most of the media, too. But it doesn’t necessarily go for the useful-idiot white Democrats whose support they still need. The Leader has shown very great competence at gauging his support to a nicety. Maybe it’s not him doing the gauging, maybe it’s one of his most trusted creatures. Doesn’t matter. One day, they may figure they can get away with it, and they’ll probably be right. But right now, they’re acting a lot more cautious than that.

One thing does really creep me out, though: The Obama campaign machine has been renamed from “Organizing for America” to “Organizing for Action”. Action. Not hope, not change, not progress, not “forward”. “Action”.

“Action” is a proggy term of art associated with extralegal violence. “Direct action”, for example, is when their street thugs attack somebody or destroy somebody’s property. If there’s a proggy use of the term “action” that doesn’t involve this year’s Sturmabteilung, clue me in. And the president Obama most admires didn’t merely suspend habeas corpus; he killed more Americans than anybody in history except Hitler and Tojo.

UPDATE: They do actually use the word “action” in nonviolent contexts. “Action on climate change“, for example. It’s true that some proggies are certainly eager to get violent over that stuff, but if you say that phrase to the average proggie, they visualize a political process, not somebody getting hit.


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