Wait until they don’t need your vote any more…

Regular folks on the left are understandably jerking off a good deal these days about their team’s success in the November 2012 elections. Everybody’s pretty confident that this is driven by irreversible demographic changes. Another belwether, which is also a driver, is the fact that the media is now pretty brazen about being an arm of the Democratic party. Consider Senator Menendez getting caught with those underage whores. He gets interviewed on national TV and they don’t bother asking about that one. Just a few softballs to help him out. What difference, at this point, does it make? He fucked the teenagers already, it’s over with. Time to heal.

The left figures, hey: We can get away with anything. We don’t need to make sense. We don’t need to pretend to tell the truth. Nobody gives a shit except a few righties, and nobody gives a shit about a few righties.

To the average left-wing voter, it looks like a pretty sweet deal. Everybody on TV tells them they’re smart. Their smart guys are talking smart stuff in the NYT about suspending the Constitution, so they can Get Stuff Done. Because as everybody knows, it’s incredibly easy to figure how to govern well — so easy that there’s never any need for public debate on the subject. The only hard part is convincing the public to go along with What Obviously Needs to Be Done. So if you could just, you know, get a strong man in power and give him the power he needs to Get Things Done, he’d just fix everything. Like, you know in the movies, when the detectives are always hogtied by all that dumb rights-of-the-accused stuff, and all they really need to do to Break the Case and Put That Scumbag Away is break the rules?

Like that. It’s easy to do it if you don’t have to follow any rules. At least, it’s easy to do stuff that other people keep getting wrong, like government and police work. Your own job and your own marriage always turn out to be special cases, damn the luck. But they’d probably go a lot better if you could just stick it to those fucking Republicans!

So, yeah. All you need is to try the one thing nobody’s ever tried before: Total, unaccountable power in one trusted pair of hands. Why did nobody ever think of that?! It’s so simple, so obvious, so clearly right. History is full of dumb governments with too many rules and they always did things wrong. And when people tried rule by decree, they always put the wrong guy in charge. Dumb, dumb, dumb! Why didn’t they put the right guy in charge? It’s so EASY! Just that one simple trick. Just find a guy all the smart people trust, and you’re good!

You’d think those dumb past people in history would’ve figured that part out! But they weren’t as smart as Democrats, obv. Duh!

Yeah, yeah, ha ha. The point isn’t that maybe our side will grab the reins of power back and give them a dose of their own medicine. They really don’t have to worry very much about that; even in the improbable event that the GOP returns to power, the GOP never goes for the throat. Not just because they’re wimps, either. They have the media keeping an eye on them. They don’t dare.

No, the point is that when the Democratic Party has securely established one party rule, they won’t need your little vote any more. And they will stop giving a damn about you in very short order.


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