Who speaks for the left?

So the Dems propped up poor Gabby Giffords in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee and had her laboriously read a statement about how the Bill of Rights is bad and mean and stuff. Mrs. Giffords is irreparably brain-damaged. To admit that fact is not to ridicule or belittle her, nor for fuck’s sake is it to approve of the evil lunatic who did it to her. And fuck any whining girlish little imbecile who doesn’t like that fact.

So, the Democrats have two kinds of people now who, they feel, best represent their views: Children, and brain-damaged adults.

Your assignment for the day: Find a Democrat who doesn’t think it’s admirable to sell an objectively idiotic policy on pure emotion and lies.

Me neither.

And no shit Sherlock, the GOP is full of morons and assholes as well. What I wish I could do to Boehner if I got my hands on him, is not fit for public discussion.


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