How It’s Done

Great comment over at Return of Kings by a man named Mark:

That [NYT] article was pre-packaged and pitched by a connected PR pro whose clients are linked to in the article. If manosphere blogs want to be featured, they need to learn the currency of of lazy reporters in mainstream media: quotable people, linkbait storylines, etc.

Check out Guerilla Marketing and HARO (Help a Reporter Out). And learn to spin red pill truths in a femcentric way.

The right needs to get serious about messaging. True, the entire business of public relations is female-centric and progressive in its very essence. PR and the red pill are like oil and water. We’re a good bit less likely to start successful PR firms than girls are to write Wikipedia articles. But that’s costing us.


One thought on “How It’s Done

  1. I agree with this and completely buy into the idea of tricking those sickos on the left using their own channels. Our society’s leadership has gatekeepers and chokepoints. Cracking those choke points and tricking the gatekeepers is the key until we can build up ways around them.

    Read Fight Club the book. It’s a homoerotic tale through and through, plus the author is gay in real life. Shirtless sweaty guys finding purpose and meaning through physical interaction without women.

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