When in a hole, dig! Dig! Dig for your lives!

Vox Day hurt John Scalzi’s feelings. Scalzi is a science fiction writer. I started his novel Old Man’s War a while back, but it bored me.

What’s fun here isn’t just that a notably sackless arrogant jerk and left-wing Internet Tough Guy got sand kicked in his face. It’s the poor little jerk’s inability to respond to it like a man.

The funny thing (OK, a funny thing) about proggies is, they take pride in how creative they are at imagining solutions to problems, but they only have to be imaginative because they invariably reject any solution which has actually been shown to have any hope of working. Think of it as what people in business might call a commitment to Worst Practices.

When they want the economy to grow, the only options that are automatically, reflexively off the table are anything that might make it easier for businesses to grow and hire more workers. Instead, they very innovatively and creatively toy with dozens of creative and innovative ways to punish anybody who hires a worker, and prevent anybody’s business from growing.

It’s amazingly like a blue-pill man trying to rekindle his woman’s romantic interest by inventing creative new ways to plead for sex and reassure her that his devotion is unconditional.


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