In Taki’s Mag, Robert Weissberg takes note of the Pillow-Biter Effect:

Import thousands of gays to any downtown—no matter how bleak and uninviting—and within a year or two the result will be a real-estate developer’s dream. Gays—not tax abatements, convention centers, malls, office buildings, or all the usual nostrums—are the only solution guaranteed to uplift struggling cities.

Is this an oversimplification? Probably. Some Urban Bullshit Theorist famously claimed a couple of years ago that concentrations of non-technical “creatives” create tech business centers, which is insane, and this seems in the same ballpark, but it’s not the same idea: Weissberg isn’t trying to claim that Provincetown created Route 128. He’s observing that Provincetown exists. Worth a thought. Foseti’s observations about the effects of gays on urban neighborhoods make a lot of sense to me, based on my own experience living in major cities.

A lot of gays can be annoying to hang out with (NAGALT, btw), and Organized Gayness seems to me to be almost certainly a net malignance, but if you show me a gay neighborhood, I will show you a place that’s safe and well-looked-after and has decent amenities. Gays are men who are free to look after their own interests, they are for the most part competent about it, and they don’t generally have kids soaking up their income (or driving them out to the suburbs after age 35 or so). Also they’re a lot less likely than most to walk up to you on the street, pop you one, and take your wallet. The “gay uncle effect” is implausible in evo psych terms, but something a lot like it works pretty well with real estate.



  1. Heh! As a friend of mine said back in the 1970s, the gays are the first wave of gentrification, because they don’t care how good the schools are. They’ll raise property values (which you need to improve the schools) *before* you improve the schools.

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