Stupid Broiler Tricks

1. Start with some good lumpy mashed potatoes you made yourself. Mix in small cubes of pork liver paté, in a ratio of maybe 20:1 potatoes to paté. Leave the paté cubes intact, don’t mash it all up. Lay some cheese curds on top (good fresh squeaky Québecker curds, if ya got ’em) and broil until the curds bubble and brown a bit. Eat with red wine. I used a paté with some truffle in it, and holy crap. Good.

2. Lay a boneless chicken breast in a buttered pan with sides. Sprinkle with a little salt, pepper, a touch of ground rosemary, and eight or ten dried cranberries. OK, twelve. Cover with one layer of bacon. Broil on a low rack until the chicken is cooked through. If the bacon isn’t crisp, set the chicken aside under a lid and broil the bacon alone for a bit until done.

3. Not broiler-related, but one of the best two turkeys I ever had was barded with bacon like the chicken above (the other was brined, then cooked in my friend Frank’s Big Green Egg), and the best turkey gravy I ever had was made with bacon and bacon grease.


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