Home Defense

My bedside gun is a 4″ pencil-barrel S&W Model 10, but not everybody lives in America, so modern tools may not be an option for you.

What I’d like to suggest, then, is a spear. A spear is fucking primal, and by primal I mean older-than-Homo-sapiens primal. Consider how you would feel if you broke into somebody’s house, and he came screaming at you with a fucking spear.

Cold Steel has a selection of spears at sane prices. You might want to cut down the shafts a bit, for a manageable length indoors.

UPDATE: Better yet, learn to knap flint and make your own spear with your own hand-made Clovis point.

(NOTE: Don’t fuck with weapons of any kind unless you’ve familiarized yourself with self-defense law in your area, and by law I mean the literal content of what’s actually been passed by the legislature, not whatever clueless prison-bait hearsay bullshit some moron in a gun shop told you, or worse yet the goddamn media. Everything you get from gun shops and TV on the subject is an insane babbling lie. It’s usually the kind of gibberish that Joe Biden would be embarrassed to spew at the tail end of a nine-day bender. I have literally never heard a single word of self-defense advice in a gun shop that wouldn’t get you killed or convicted of a felony. That is not a figure of speech. And what the media and the left tell you about “stand your ground” laws WILL land you in prison.)


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