Black Girls, White Girls, Asian Girls, Google

Via Roosh V on Twitter…

…we find that if you search for “black girls” on Google, you get stuff about sex. And some retarded website called the Root is trying to get hits by acting upset about that. Now, I’ve read a few things in the media, and the one thing 99.9% of journalists are too stupid to do is provide meaningful comparisons to give you a sense of scale. For example, if you search for “black girls” on Google and you get stuff about sex, that must mean that Google particularly associates black girls with sex, eleventyone!! Leave aside the fact that the journalist is too stupid to understand that Google uses an algorithm based on what everybody BUT Google thinks is important about black girls, or green grass, or red pastrami. Never mind that, you’ll never get that through a journalist’s thick skull. But what’s the first piece of information a rational adult needs in order to think rationally about the claim that those search results indicate different treatment of black girls?

If you guessed it, that must mean you’re not a journalist: What happens when you search for “white girls” or “asian girls”?

The exact same thing, of course, but much more of it. Go look:

The first page of results for black girls has a web site that encourages black girls to go into STEM fields. Nothing like that on the first pages for white or asian girls.

What utter bullshit. Oh, buried on page two or three, she casually and in passing mentions the results I found above, essentially admitting that her entire point is pure unadulterated bullshit, but she dismisses that by saying it’s “complicated” (try again!) and moves on with more bullshit.

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