The Yellow Peril

The Yellow Peril is a cocktail of my own invention: One part top-shelf[1] bourbon, two parts Smiling Hill Farm Banana Milk.

Smiling Hill’s Banana Milk is an intensely yellow banana-flavored whole milk. Smiling Hill does pretty good milk, and the banana flavoring is strictly from Laffy Taffy, which is just the kind of banana flavoring I like best. It’s one of their second-tier flavors. There are a few of those that they cycle through, and it’s been Banana Time since January. If you live anywhere near Gorham, Maine, don’t miss out! They make a hell of a good eggnog, too, come the holidays.

Update: Bourbon means bourbon. Do not use rye. I had a crazy idea it just wouldn’t be as good. No, it’s awful.


[1] Or any other shelf you’ve got handy. Since you’ll be finishing the rest of the bottle neat, I recommend something decent.


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