Contact your national-level GOP representation, if any…

…and tell them you’re leaving the party for good.

But then it gets complicated. I already wrote to McCain and told him if he supports gun control in the senate I’ll get on a plane to Arizona next election and canvas for anybody who runs against him — I’d canvas for Dianne Feinstein (spit) against that pig, since, hey, what’s the difference, right? And he will support gun control, you know it.

Unfortunately, we’ve got the gun control thing happening right now too, and not all of the GOP is knifing us like McCain will. In the next elections, we can send the Dems a message about gun control by electing Republicans, or we can send the GOP a message about illegal immigration by abandoning them. We can’t do both.

I can’t help thinking the shitlords running the GOP are making exactly that calculation: That centrist anger at Dems for knifing them on gun control will weigh more than our anger at the GOP for knifing us on immigration. That’s simple enough for them to comprehend, if they try.

So it’s one or the other, and that’s USG. USG isn’t legitimate. They disregard both the law and the interests of the American people.


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