Open letter to an Internet Left-Wing Tough Guy

tl;dr: Power has limits, ya dumb fuck.

All of you pudgy, soft little leftwing internet tough guys love to fantasize about having infinite power and using it to terrorize people you’re afraid of.

That’s nice, if you’re the kind of person who jerks off to the thought of cops throwing flashbang grenades into little kids’ bedrooms (and yes, in all fairness, I do know at least 10% of progs don’t have that particular fantasy), but in reality, you’ll never have any power over anybody. The kind of government you want would be almost as likely to kick down your door as mine.

Furthermore, nobody ever has infinite power. The lockdown (not actual martial law) in Boston worked only because virtually 100% of the population participated willingly, and nobody but the suspects objected enough to resist actively. If five percent had resisted with small arms, it would have been an even greater catastrophe for the cops than for the public. Use too much force in too many neighborhoods, and you are guaranteed to lose the consent of the governed in a matter of days: Only a small percentage resist, but most of the rest sympathize with the resisters. Then you end up where we are in Afghanistan.

Bear in mind that the whole thing was made necessary because *two* young men went berserk with homemade bombs and one handgun each. Sure, they lost in the end, but TWO determined lunatics brought a major American city to its knees for a week. All that power the cops had, all that violent masculine power you fantasize about in your lonely sweaty little bed, and it still took them five days to deal with just two enthusiastic, batshit crazy amateurs. Just normal guys who became convinced that the government was their enemy.

Now imagine a government that goes out of its way to convince people that it’s their enemy. How about a hundred determined lunatics? That’s not a huge number.

Now, on the subject of Chechens, have you ever heard of the city of Grozny? Go read about the Russian-Chechen wars of the 90s. The entire Russian military, army and air force, couldn’t crush a small city full of enthusiastic amateurs with small arms. Now go read about the US military adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan, where small groups of amateurs with small arms made life hell for a decade for the entire US military. And how about the French experience in Algeria? Ever heard of it?

The cops don’t have infinite power. They don’t have very much useful power at all, unless they first have the willing consent of a cooperative population. When they use too much power too often, they lose the goodwill of the people, and any war you fight against a civilian population is lost at the outset. People with power need to understand that they can only push it so far before it breaks. The smart ones do.

How do you think that lockdown would have worked out in South Central Los Angeles, Mr. Internet Tough Guy SWAT Commando?

Oh, and google “holster sniffer” while you’re at it. Cops don’t like cop groupies. They think you’re creepy. The good cops despise you because they know real-life lethal violence isn’t fun and games, and the bad cops who like lethal violence despise you because you’re too weak and timid to join in. (All cops enjoy sub-lethal violence, despise you for your inexperience with it, and would take pleasure in breaking your elbows for practice).

I know it’s all just a fantasy to you. Progs choose fantasy over reality every time. The trouble is, progs can’t tell the difference, and now that you progs are running the country, it’s only a matter of time before your hatreds, fantasies, and fears lead you to do something unrecoverably stupid. Remember, fearful people do stupid things, and if you’re fearful enough to believe in gun control, if you’re fearful enough to live in stark terror of little old Tea Party ladies who don’t even litter, you’re fearful enough to do pretty much anything.

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I should have said “I told you so” here at the time…

…but when the Boston bombers turned out to be immigrant kids, I predicted that the prestige media would turn sympathetic. Given the Immigration Narrative, they have no other option.

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UPDATE: It’s hard to tease out the Immigration Narrative Effect from the Sexy Thug Effect, and I should not have neglected the latter. But they’re both in there.

Rhetorical Question about Immigration

How come it’s plain, undeniable common sense to import millions of illiterate peasants from Mexico in order to address the STEM shortage in the middle of the worst STEM job market since Clinton’s first term, but it’s just pure unimaginable insanity to address the (fictional) STEM shortage by relaxing the quotas on Asian students at ivies?

Full disclosure: Here at the edge of the Great North Woods, where most of the economy is based on trading firearms for motorcycles and firewood for ice-fishing shacks, the .NET programming job market has been better this winter than it has been in five years. But that’s not saying a whole hell of a lot, and the Great Mestizo Bubble got well underway while the job market was still very deep in the shitter.

Nothing against Mexicans, mind you. I had one of my best meals in recent memory at a Mexican place in northern Idaho last fall (and their quaint native garb is just faaabulous!). But they have their own political culture which they enjoy very much, while I prefer the one we have in Maine. There’s no disputing matters of taste, particularly when it comes to corruption, rigged elections, desperate poverty, rigid social stratification, and violence. Tomato, to-mahhh-to. I understand the political establishment in the United States has a taste for Mexican political culture as well, for obvious reasons, and I don’t begrudge them that. I turn, I’m sure they wouldn’t begrudge me the desire to hang them from lampposts — with all due ceremony, of course, and following a fair trial, that being the nature of the political culture I prefer.

Ring the Bell

Dear Woman Part II

Translation: “If you’re the kind of thug who doesn’t give a shit about a domestic violence conviction, maybe some nancy media twats talking down to you on twitter will turn you around!”

I mean, who do these idiots think hits women, and why? “Oh, gosh darn it, I always knew all those media assholes in expensive jackets were the acme of virile manhood, and now it turns out they don’t hit their women! I was only doing it for their approval! Land sakes, I had it all wrong!”

I hold no particular brief for men who hit women, but this is obviously not about them at all. Nobody they need to reach will ever listen to this stuff, and if they gave a damn AND had any brains, they would have thought of that. And would care.

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