Rhetorical Question about Immigration

How come it’s plain, undeniable common sense to import millions of illiterate peasants from Mexico in order to address the STEM shortage in the middle of the worst STEM job market since Clinton’s first term, but it’s just pure unimaginable insanity to address the (fictional) STEM shortage by relaxing the quotas on Asian students at ivies?

Full disclosure: Here at the edge of the Great North Woods, where most of the economy is based on trading firearms for motorcycles and firewood for ice-fishing shacks, the .NET programming job market has been better this winter than it has been in five years. But that’s not saying a whole hell of a lot, and the Great Mestizo Bubble got well underway while the job market was still very deep in the shitter.

Nothing against Mexicans, mind you. I had one of my best meals in recent memory at a Mexican place in northern Idaho last fall (and their quaint native garb is just faaabulous!). But they have their own political culture which they enjoy very much, while I prefer the one we have in Maine. There’s no disputing matters of taste, particularly when it comes to corruption, rigged elections, desperate poverty, rigid social stratification, and violence. Tomato, to-mahhh-to. I understand the political establishment in the United States has a taste for Mexican political culture as well, for obvious reasons, and I don’t begrudge them that. I turn, I’m sure they wouldn’t begrudge me the desire to hang them from lampposts — with all due ceremony, of course, and following a fair trial, that being the nature of the political culture I prefer.


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