Power Cults

Everybody knows about bioleninism, ok. It’s a power cult. It’s a group of people who’ve coalesced around the idea of sacralizing power held by the cult and its leadership.

A cult is when members care about status inside the cult far more than status outside it. They’re willing to look like low-status clowns to outsiders. For a good enough cult, like Islam or the Marine Corps, or the Mafia in the old days, they’ll die. And they won’t betray it. You need them not to betray it.

A good power cult is a hell of a thing. Look at radical Islam: They’ve got garbage for human raw material, but they’re a force to be reckoned with.

We can talk about how it operates, as Spandrell does. But the big question is how do you bootstrap such a thing? How did they get theirs off the ground?

The right has no effective power cults. The USMC is a cult, but not that kind of cult, and it’s not ours either. “Muh 3%” is not a power cult. The right sacralizes principles or goals, which is the dead end western communist parties used to be trapped in, always splitting and squabbling over theology. (btw I think our narrative of the left is a bit wrong: The mutant virulent antifa/tranny strain took over. This isn’t what anybody had in mind in 1965. The American left wasn’t a power cult in 1965).

In a way, that means we’re not evil like Nazis, successful Communists, or the power cult Rod Rosenstein serves, sometimes called the Cathedral. So that’s nice. But we’re losing. It’s probably decades too late to start figuring out how to start organizing, but I guess it beats rotting in front of the TV.


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