It’s important to know who to blame

All immigrants arrive here in a state of preternatural innocence, dreaming of becoming the right sort of wh^WAmericans, reading the NYT, raising their little boys to be trannies, and shopping at Whole Foods. Then the Hobbesian racist nightmare of Middle America kicks in, and the mystical influence of the wrong sort of white people turn the immigrants into… actually existing third world human beings, not unlike the people who screwed up the hellhole they came from.

The operation of that mystical influence is not well understood. Maybe something to do with priming. But that’s not important.

What’s important is that our infallible progressive instincts have told us who to blame. And, in a stunning proof of the infallibility of the progressive instinct to blame the wrong sort of white people, everybody who always blames the wrong sort of white people has independently, with much thoughtful mindfulness and mindful thought, concluded that it’s the wrong sort of white people. HA! Nailed ’em! Dead to rights!