Bumper Sticker: “Fearful People Do Stupid Things”

Yeah, like gun control.

Saw that one the other day. Betcha the poor girl behind the wheel couldn’t figure that out in a million years.



Maybe it’s time for a compromise on gun control. Here’s a rough idea of what that might look like, with everybody making some painful concessions in order to get along:

Repeal all state gun control laws. Repeal all federal gun control passed after the National Firearms Act of 1934. I’m willing to let the NFA stand, and that is a major concession.

Pass a new constitutional amendment making explicit an absolute, context-free right of the individual to keep and bear arms for any legal purpose at all, or none; and a right of armed self-defense against both criminals and rogue government agents — to explicitly include government agents acting within the bounds of unreasonable or imaginary (court-created) laws. (UPDATE: Essentially, formally establish the armed citizenry as a fourth branch of government with veto power over the others.)

Pass a new constitutional amendment making it a federal felony for any lawmaker at any level to introduce or attempt to pass any gun control act, or any other act which attempts to limit any individual liberties granted in the Constitution. As a go-along/get-along kind of guy, I’d be willing to stop short of hanging them for treason, if you make it worth my while.

Anything short of that is not a compromise. It’s a further encroachment, at a time when past encroachments already far exceed all sane limits.

Obviously none of this is even remotely realistic. So let’s just not use the word “compromise”.